13095 SW Canyon Rd, Beaverton, OR 97005

Monty's is closed and is now The Brickyard

When time permits, I hope to make this site about the great old watering holes in the Beaverton area.

From the Jiffy to the Lariat, from the Hunt & Fish to the Heildelberg, the Green Meadows Tavern, The Faucet, Jeckel & Hydes, Ickabod's and The Tillicum. Heidi's, The White Elephant, The Showboat, The Top Notch. The only one of these that isn't closed is Ickabod's! God love Bonnie Aman. Do we count the original Rock Creek Tavern pre McMenamins? If we do, I suspect we have to count the Skyline Tavern. Do we go as far as The Golden Garter? We kind of have to because Odrlin owned it back in the day.

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